Friday, October 24, 2014News.Halloween event ————Death Door

  Death Door is this year’s Halloween event .you can get your rewards .

  Way :

  Find Muncher, and speak to him, and you will find that Death’s beset by an invasion of ghost and he was unable to kill them ,and then he will give you a proto pack with the technology of ghost-hunting .

  Then the ghosts will come, but you should attention that each hit will increase your fear  meter , if you fear you will back to death and lose 20 of your hard-earned reward points, you can reduce fear gradually by standing in moonlit areas of the house, or by using comforting items found in chests around the house.


  Chest will appear around the house every 10 minutes and you have 2 minutes to get it.


       Chocolates, teddies and night lights ,Active ectoplasm, Demonic traces , Ectoplasmators, Ghostly essence, other loot, Ghost hunter gear, Cremation ability, Large XP lamps and so on.

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