Monday, November 10, 2014News.World of Warcraft Arena 2014 Championship Winner

     Wow news: Which team is the winner? Skill-Capped EU? Push Push? 3 Amigos or Bleached Bones?

     Now ,I will tell you the result:

     In the first semi-final, Skill-Capped EU VS Push Push, and Skill-Capped EU win the game with 3-2,and in the other semi-final, the Bleached Bones as the same score win the 3 Amigos.

     The final question is coming, which team won the championship?

     The answer is Bleached Bones! Give the most sincere congratulations to them, Sergei "Lagyna" Gaponov, Martin "Loony" Moazzez, and Anton "Lazerchicken" Engstr?m.

     Why they can be successful? As we know the equipment is the most important thing in a battle. As the saying goes, to do a good job must sharpen his device first. Do you want be the next championship winner? wow345 accomplish your wishes.

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