Monday, October 27, 2014News.World of Warcraft Arena Championship

 This weekend, 12:00 noon on October 31, the top eight 3v3 Arena teams in the world will converge in ESL’s studios in Burbank.

    Now ,let us know the team:

    Group A
    EU-Skil-Capped EU
    NA-Penny for Your Thought
    CN-Popped CD No Skill
    NA-3 Amigos

    Group B
    EU-Playing with Fire
    KR-Push Push
    EU-Bleached Bones
    NA-Death Innovators

    Six matches will be played on October 31:

    Skill-Capped EU  VS. 3 Amigos
    Penny for Your Thought VS. Popped CD No Skill
    Playing with Fire VS. Death Innovators
    Push Push VS. Bleached Bones

    Group A: Winner VS. Winner
    Group B: Winner VS. Winner

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